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Divorce and Matrimonial Finances

O'Malleys offer a leading divorce solution


O’Malley Solicitors are ready to help you with any, and all, of the proceedings in getting a divorce.

To obtain a divorce, the marriage must have irretrievably broken down, which must be proven, based on one of the following facts:

We recognise how emotional and stressful separation can be and take a sensitive approach in dealing with divorce. We give constructive advice as to the most appropriate way to proceed so that matters can be concluded as peacefully and efficiently as possible.


Matrimonial Finances

We appreciate that it can be upsetting to deal with the division of matrimonial property and we pride ourselves on our non-confrontational and practical approach to help our clients through this difficult time.

We always try to settle financial matters in a constructive manner with the aim of reaching an agreement that is fair and reasonable in the circumstances of the case. We achieve this through either round table meetings with both parties and solicitors present or through solicitor correspondence and negotiations or by referring clients to a qualified mediator. We will discuss each of these processes with you so that you can decide which is best suited to your needs.

We aim to use court proceedings as a last resort but, should they become necessary, we will represent you in those proceedings and work with you to bring the matter to a fair conclusion.

If you have already managed to settle your financial issues and simply need help with formalising your agreement   we offer qualified assistance to finalise matters with the minimum amount of fuss in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

We work closely with Jane Oakes, a qualified collaborative solicitor and mediator. We have found that very often that a collaborative, round table discussion approach is one of the most constructive and positive ways in which couples can reach agreements in respect of children and financial matters. For more details on the collaborative law process see the website at www.collaborativechambers.co.uk

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