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Unmarried Couples

Tina can do a lot in the case of an unmarried couple When an unmarried couple's relationship breaks down, the law is very different than if it was a marriage breakdown. Co-habiting partners do not automatically acquire property rights against the other even after living together for many years, so the only legal claims you may be able to make are if you jointly owned a property or if you have children together.

Disputes regarding property ownership can be resolved by a court but each case will be decided on its own facts. Whilst courts have the power to determine property issues, they have no power over other assets such as pensions or investments, nor can the court order spousal maintenance as the parties are unmarried.

In respect of financial provision for children born to an unmarried couple, an application may be made to the Child Support Agency for child maintenance and, in some circumstances, for additional financial support for children under the Children Act 1989.

The law for unmarried couples is often complex but O'Malley Solicitors can guide you through this frequently confusing process.

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